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Oppo A54 is one of the most modern mobile phones that you can get your hands on. It comes with amazing features that help you enjoy the hi-tech world of mobile telephony at its best. The company believes in providing you with the latest technology at the most affordable price. The latest model of Oppo A54 gives you everything you want from a mobile phone.

Buy Oppo A54 for affordable prices with high quality. This is an ideal mobile phone for all those who love taking selfies and want to do it with their beloved partners. The beautiful display, powerful processor, and long battery life ensure that you get all the performance that you are looking for from an Oppo A54.

One of the best features of this mobile phone is the built in GPS. With the Oppo A54 5g you can search for places without leaving your current location. You can plan your weekend trips with just the push of a button using the built in navigation system. The built in GPS navigation system ensures that you don’t get lost in a new city. It also helps you measure your speed and measure the distance you have covered while travelling to make your journey convenient and safe.

It has been designed with advanced sensors for capturing still images. The front and rear cameras of the Oppo A54 are supported by 16 MP resolution. If  oppo a54 you are looking for great quality photos you can shoot even in dimly lit conditions with the inbuilt image stabilization. This allows you to take great pictures with the colors of your favorite subjects coming out in the photo.

The front and rear cameras of the Oppo A54 have an auto focus feature which lets you take good pictures even if you are moving in all directions. If you are still not satisfied with the photos you take the built in image editing features let you edit and modify your shots according to your taste. There are various other photo effects such as beautify, add watermarks, color corrections and cropping which can be easily performed by the inbuilt bokeh camera which can be accessed using the built in memory.

The connectivity option of the Oppo A 1954 and the Oppo A544 is USB 2.0. The two smartphones support wireless broadband connection which can be either EDGE or 3G which are fast data transfer rates. These high end smartphones from Sony Ericsson are packed with features which will amaze you. The amazing features and high end technology will leave you asking for more. The Oppo A54 and the Oppo A544 are sure to impress you.