oppo A15s smartphone

The brand name of Oxygen Plus has been around since 2021. Since then, the brand has grown to become an internationally trusted product for young adults and has expanded into salons and spas for men and women. Through Oxygen Plus’s self developed, high tech front end AI Beautification, OPPO’s A15s delivers your ideal beauty in every picture. Whether you are searching for that ultimate, everyday facial look or are searching for a relaxing, aromatherapy experience in the comfort of your own home, the A15s collection from Oxygen Plus is perfect for everyone.

Oxygen Plus offers four GB of Ram for all models,  oppo a15sallowing the user to enjoy a fluid browsing experience on the go. With an operating speed of 5.2GB/hr and a battery life of up to six hours, the octa-core processor ensures your device will not slow down while you are on the go. The front and back cameras are also supported by two separate but very efficient SD card readers.

Oxygen Plus offers users two options with the A15s. The Standard version comes with a sleek and modern flat black body, sporting a soft leather trim. However, the upgraded Plus version comes with a beautiful black and cherry red body that offers a textured back for an enhanced appeal. Both offer dual cameras as well as an intuitive user interface for an ultimate experience. While there is no camera included with the A15s, the front and rear cameras are supported by an intuitively easy to use 2mp camera button. This convenient button will automatically double the resolution of the front and rear cameras for true professional results.

With the A15s, you get a feature called optical image stabilization. When taking photos in bright or low light settings, the a15s will take a photo with very little distortion. It’s unbelievable when you compare this to the A series phones from Nokia which tend to distort and lessen colors in low light images. In addition to the front and rear camera, the a 15s also supports microSD, meaning it can support expandable memory if required.

If you are wondering what this a15s image is for illustration purposes only, I can give you a few examples. One picture I took using the front and rear cameras was so candid that I didn’t want to leave it out. I couldn’t get the shot at night because of all the tree lights on the way home. I ended up settling for a shot with much less light, but the results were amazing. Another time I tried the octa-core lens for a macro shot of a mountain and ended up with a more natural background, no flash necessary.

The Oppo A15s is definitely my favorite smartphone so far. The Helio P35 is a nice phone as well, but it just has that wow factor that the Oppo A15s has. I feel that this device could be one of the best all around smartphone so far. Even though it’s only a mid-budget smartphone, I love it for everything it does. I would recommend the Oppo A15s to anyone who wants a smartphone with tons of features that just screams quality.